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Co-founder and Director

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Since the first days of the full-scale war in Ukraine, Natalia has been actively volunteering at the charity foundation “Giving Life” (Daruieste Viata) in Bucharest, coordinating regular deliveries of medical aid totaling about 800 thousand euros. Volunteering has become a new chapter of her life, because before the war she worked solely in business – attracting foreign investment in the real estate sector: UA Realty Group, Premier Realty LTD, Theatre Apart Hotel. This professional experience undoubtedly came in handy in her charity work. In Bucharest, Natalia began to cooperate with the American charitable foundation RTQ (Refuse to Quit). The mission of the foundation is to support the most vulnerable segments of the population: women and children. Together with the Daruieste Viata team, the RTQ Foundation helps women and their unwell children to receive qualified medical care, diagnosis and, if necessary, surgery.

On October 10th, under the explosions of the enemy missiles in Kyiv, Nataliya together with her partners founded the Mission Ukraine Foundation, which aims to take care of those who are having the hardest time now, to rebuild Ukraine step by step, and to do it here and now, without waiting for the victory that is sure to come. The Mission Ukraine Charitable Foundation does everything possible and impossible to ensure that life wins every day.