Julia Velkevich

Ambassador, Volunteer

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Mission Ukraine’s first Ambassador in the UK 🇬🇧

We are thrilled to announce the Foundation’s newest family member, reminding us that the power of unity knows no bounds!

Introducing: Yulia Velkevych – Mission Ukraine’s first Ambassador in the UK. She is the founder and owner of an aesthetic centre for children (Up’N’Fame Junior), an international modelling agency (V Model MGMT), a Ukrainian fashion producer and a mother of two beautiful children.

Yulia is known for her active involvement in charity events and is already making significant steps towards the development of Mission Ukraine, which we will talk about later. It is a great advantage for us to have support from all over the world, so we have more opportunities to support Ukraine and the Foundation’s projects!

Yulia is currently actively involved in the London community and volunteering. She has repeatedly participated in various charity initiatives, demonstrating her social responsibility. She has also organised charity events in partnership with philanthropic foundations.

Throughout her career, she has gained considerable experience in communicating with the media and partners, as well as collaborating with world famous designers and influencers!

All these achievements and activities of Yulia Velkevych demonstrate her professionalism, diligence and active social position. She has made a significant contribution to the world of fashion, child development and charity, helping to change many lives for the better.

We are confident that through her partnership with us, Yulia will help many more Ukrainians!

Together possible 🇺🇦