Project “Women of fallen heroes”

Reporting on the financial support of the project “Women of fallen heroes”.
Mission Ukraine Foundation launched cooperation with LAGERTA, an NGO representing the international community of women, which was founded by Oksana Korolovych. They are engaged in many projects, but we want to support this particular one: “The women of Fallen Heroes”. The project provides psychological, social, and legal assistance to Ukrainian women who have lost their loved ones in combat. Many of them have not been able to cope with their grief and are now experiencing deep trauma and depression.

On March 7, 2023, in Vienna, a charity evening and auction to help Ukrainians was held at the Hotel Bristol, organized by Marysya Gorobets. With donations received from the attendees, Marysya managed to raise funds totaling €3000. Our foundation is transferring them to support the new project.

Donation will be used to provide comprehensive psychological and legal assistance to women whose husbands were killed in the war. The support will be provided for a year for two women, for €1200 each: Natalia and Valeria.

We at Mission Ukraine are grateful to Marysya Gorobets for her work and support of those who are facing the most difficult times!
Together possible!