Poetry rendezvous with Ivan Marchuk

True heart paves the way for rebuilding life in Ukraine

Together is once again possible! Poetry unites people for doing good. Mission Ukraine is exploring new horizons and opportunities for philanthropy in Europe. Recently, we were invited to an incredible poetry rendezvous with Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk in Vienna entitled “Light will conquer darkness”, organized by the art project Ptashka.

We would like to express our gratitude for the support of Mission Ukraine! Tetyana, the organizer, has influenced the course of the charity and helped to raise funds for our projects for those who need it most.

We raised 1000 € for Mission Alternative through an auction organized by Marisa Gorobets and received a significant donation from our guest Olga in the amount of 63320 UAH. The money will be used to purchase technical equipment for children with developmental disabilities. As soon as it is delivered to the children, we will be sure to report on it!

This evening, we were once again convinced that geniuses are not made, but born! We are proud of the Ukrainian artists who joined the rendezvous: the unsurpassed Ivan Marchuk and the highly creative Tatiana Ramus.

Thank you all once again for your support!