Mission Alternative Story of Oleksiy from Kherson

Small good deeds build a great future!

We greatly appreciate every donation made to our foundation and are happy to share the results.

With the support of a generous philanthropist Olga and the NGO “Life with an alternative”, we purchased a special sitting system for a boy named Oleksiy from Kherson. Together with his mother, he was forced to leave his home and leave behind all the devices he needed for his proper life. We are confident that this small gift will make Oleksiy’s life much more comfortable and improve his mood. We believe that such efforts will help rebuild a decent life in Ukraine!

When we first met Oleksiy from Kherson and his mother, we witnessed so much joy and love for life!

While children with developmental disabilities face their own struggle for life every day, along with a full-scale war, they rejoice in every little moment.

Mission Ukraine Foundation decided to support this project expressly because we want to make such happy moments more frequent.

The head of the foundation, Natalia Lukyanova, supported by the donor Olga and the NGO “Life with an alternative”, delivered a specialized wheelchair to Oleksiy, a boy from Kherson.

Together possible!