Tactical medicine with PFVM

“Mission accomplished”

On March 28th, Nataliya Lukyanova and Yevheniy Lukyanov transported the necessary equipment to the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH). PFVMH is a non-governmental organization of civilian healthcare professionals providing medical care on the frontline. From day one of the invasion, their volunteers have been first on the scene in combat zones across the country, risking their lives to treat injured civilians and combatants, and carrying out evacuations. Volunteer doctors of PFVMH provided skilled medical care to over 56,000 patients.

Thanks to NGO “Give Live” – “Daruieste Viata” generous donation, we managed to deliver:
two bases of MEDUVENT Standard with MEDUCORE Standard on LIFE-BASE 3 NG, a bottle of oxygen, and a transport bag;
one Electrocardiograph Ascard;
one Electrocardiograph Mesi M;
one ACG Tablet with 12 channels.
The total value of the equipment is around 57000 Euros.

We are immensely grateful to the NGO “Daruieste Viata” sponsors for their donations. Without their contribution, this achievement would not be possible.

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