About Mission Ukraine

We dream big and get things done

Unity is Ukraine’s greatest strength. And unity is our greatest strength. Only together can we stand a chance against the enemy who is threatening to annihilate Ukraine on a daily basis. We will not be wiped out. The Mission Ukraine Charitable Foundation brings together volunteers and philanthropists from around the world to work together for Ukraine’s victory. We are individuals with diverse expertise. We are united by the belief that a bright future can only be the result of daily struggle and hard work. We believe in the triumph of good over evil. And we work hard every day to make that victory happen.

The team of Mission Ukraine Foundation has been actively involved in volunteer work since the Revolution of Dignity and even more so since the beginning of the war. We want to pave the way to victory through our actions, rather than waiting passively for it to happen. After all, we have decided to combine our efforts, experience, and knowledge and use them in a targeted way. Our focus is on coordinated and precise assistance.

Our missions focus on the most immediate needs caused by russia’s war against Ukraine – areas that we also see as fundamental pillars of Ukraine’s successful reconstruction and social stabilization after the victory: psychological support and assistance, medical aid in the directly affected areas, and throughout the country, provision of basic necessities to people in the warzone and – after the victory – the reconstruction of destroyed schools.

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